PTC Malawi meeting PTC Pakistan in Karachi

(left to right: Prof. Saeed Minhas, Dr Shireen Ramzanali and Dr Mulinda Nyirenda)

Dr Mulinda Nyirenda (PTC’s Representative and Coordinator in Malawi) recently travelled to Karachi.  She has been involved in providing clinical mentorship and delivering interactive knowledge and skills sessions on the Certification Program in Emergency Medicine (CPEM) at Indus Hospital.  The one year program is training medical officers and residents to better manage the initial triage and stabilisation of patients with varying medical, surgical and traumatic conditions.

She had the opportunity on her visit to meet with Professor Saeed Minhas and Dr Shireen Ramzanali Damani – PTC’s Representatives and Coordinators in Pakistan.  The PTC faculty met informally to share experiences in delivering PTC courses and their impact on health care systems.  It is evident that PTC is the most suitable course equipping health workers with pertinent systematic approaches to trauma care while using available resources efficiently.  They also discussed how interdisciplinary involvement in trauma care has improved by engagement of diverse specialities to participate on the course.