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We train medics across the world in vital trauma management care

Our training saves lives and relieves the suffering of those affected by war, violence, natural disaster and healthcare poverty. We aim to improve self-reliance in the countries in which we work.


“We saved a patient’s life by using the PTC systematic approach”

We recently saved a young lady who was hit by a car. She presented in shock. Chest trauma. Liver injury. Splenic injury. We saved her life by using the PTC systematic approach.
Akutu Manyika
MBCHB MMED Surgery FCS FACS, Namibia

“The PTC course is used for saving people’s lives”

The PTC course is used for saving people’s lives. Trauma is a massive problem in Haiti, in fact across the world. Why don’t you partner with us, so we can run more courses and save more lives?
Michelle Joseph
MBBS, MSc, PhD, FRCS, PTC Instructor, Haiti.

I have seen the effects of PTC training; it saves thousands of lives”

PTC training is vital if we are going to continue to save lives in the remote parts of this world. I have seen the effects of PTC training; it saves thousands of lives. I am proud to be part of the PTC team.
Dr Lucy Obolensky
MRCGP MSc DTM&H FRGS FBES, Associate Professor of Global Health + Remote Medicine, Plymouth University
PTC Instructor, Kenya

“Every injured individual should have access to – and has a right to – adequate, timely and effective trauma care that is life or limb saving.”

Dr Lin Aung, World Health Organisation Representative to Nepal.

Richard Hammond supports Primary Trauma Care Foundation


The PTC course is FREE worldwide and taught in > 80 countries. It teaches essential actions which save lives and prevent disability:

  • Training first responders in basic life and limb trauma care
  • Empowering people in their own countries
  • Supporting global doctors and nurses
  • Providing skills and knowledge which are essential in conflict situations

We have delivered training and support in Mariupol, Ukraine, and also Gaza, Syria, Afghanistan, Sudan, Ethiopia and Myanma– all countries that are now enduring violence and conflict.

Health care workers in these places can better care for injured people because of this PTC support.

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