We have formed a collaboration with Médicins Sans Frontières (MSF), who now have our permission to train their doctors worldwide using the PTC curriculum and training materials.

Our relationship goes back to 2008 and has included training for MSF staff in Lebanon and Iraq. A special set of courses was arranged in Kenya in July 2017 to train some of MSF’s key personal and provide an exemplar for their future use (full details in the news/reports/ section of this website).

The PTC faculty on this occasion were Dr James de Courcy, Consultant Anaesthetist, Cheltenham, UK (Course Director); Dr Jeanne Frossard, Consultant Anaesthetist, London, UK; Dr Don McCreadie, Retired EM Consultant, UK; Dr Mathenge Nduhiu, General Surgeon, Nyeri, Kenya; and Dr Ndanya Samuel, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Nanyuki, Kenya.

We are also very grateful to MSF’s Dr Stefano di Bartolomeo MSFCH, Advisor for Emergency and Intensive Care at BeMU, who has promoted the idea to partner with the PTCF rather than developing a new course of their own. After approval of the intersectional Critical Care Group and with the support of MSFCH, he began developing this training and very helpful when we organised the course. There was also involvement from the training department at MSF Geneva Headquarters and in the Kenya MSF Mission.

We are delighted with this strategic partnership and we wish Médicins Sans Frontières every success as they use PTC skills in their important work.