Injury is a leading cause of preventable death, notably in children and the young population under 44 years. One third of these deaths can be prevented.” Dr Lin Aung, World Health Organisation Representative to Nepal.

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We rely on donations to make this vital work possible. Please give generously!

The PTCF is a highly efficient body, operating without buildings and with only three part time staff. Its key people are all volunteer doctors who give their time free. Most courses are hosted by the local health institution which donates training rooms and, at key points in the process, helps to meet the travel costs for a team of visiting instructors.

In this way tens of thousands of people have already been trained in about 70 countries. And of course the really valuable result is that thousands of extremely vulnerable people have received expert care when they suffered severe trauma.

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The Primary Trauma Care Foundation
PO Box 880
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The PTCF is a charity registered in England and Wales, no. 1116071.