Radio 4 Appeal for PTCF!

Radio 4We were delighted to be selected again for the BBC Radio 4 Appeal.

The appeal was aired in August 2013, and was recorded by TV presenter and writer Richard Hammond.

Click here to listen to the appeal on the Radio 4 website.


Click ‘play’ on the audio player above to hear Richard talking about why he supports the PTC Foundation.

Our Presenter: Richard Hammond

Richard Hammond recording the PTCF Radio 4 AppealAs you may know, Richard (seen here recording our appeal) suffered a horrific accident while filming Top Gear in 2006.  Thankfully, he recovered – he received immediate trauma care delivered by doctors and paramedics with specialist training.

Had he been in another, poorer country, the outcome may well have been different.
The Primary Trauma Care Foundation works to train doctors and first responders in the management of severe injury, in order to save lives and prevent complications.

We work across the world in developing countries, where injuries from road accidents, violent crime and conflict are often at their highest.

Listen to the Appeal

The appeal was aired on Radio 4 on Sunday 11th Aug 2013 at 7.55 am and 9.26 pm and on Thursday 15th August 2013 at 3.27 pm.

Listen to the appeal on the Radio 4 website here.

2009 Appeal

Until 11 August 2013, you can still hear our previous (2009) BBC Radio 4 Appeal recorded by our patron, Sir Terence English.  Click here to hear the 2009 appeal.