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Welcome to the PTC Resource Centre! There are a lot of materials on this website; most people don’t need to download all of them.  If you click on the button below that corresponds to your role in the course, everything you need for the course will appear below, ready for you to download.

PTC Resources are now available in the languages shown below; other languages will be available soon – watch this space! The PTC manual is also available via the PTC App.

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Please note the following important information:

All PTC courses are run by individuals who take full responsibility for their own actions. The PTC Foundation cannot be held responsible or liable for any action or accidents by any individual either teaching or attending any PTC course or PTC instructor course. The views expressed by individual instructors are not necessarily those of the PTC Foundation.

All individuals undertaking any travel on behalf of the PTC Foundation do so at their own risk and they need to take steps themselves to insure against all eventualities. The PTC Foundation cannot be held responsible for any liability arising from any event during a PTC course and instructors need to be aware that PTC courses are sometimes held in dangerous locations.

All PTC material is copyrighted and remains the property of the PTC Foundation. Slides, acetates or other presentation aids should only be used for PTC courses and with the express permission of the Foundation.

The PTC slides are numbered. The text of PTC and PTC Instructor slides MUST NOT BE CHANGED. However, pictures or similar supporting illustrations may be added between the slides if they support the slides relevantly. If the PTC slide-set is distributed this must be in the original PTC format with no changes.