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You are our fastest-growing network of supporters. Whether you’re a budding medic or share our passion for humanitarian healthcare and trauma training, this page is designed to keep you in the loop with all the Foundation’s global work.

PTCF is not just for medics: our volunteers and supporters come from a broad base of varying interests including humanitarian aid, global education and just wanting to help the poorer nations of our world.

We need you to join the next generation of trauma care educators and instructors. If this isn’t your thing, then help us fundraise. Fancy having a go at a challenge event like Tough Mudder or running a marathon, we want to hear from you! We welcome your fundraising ideas and are here to support you. Find us on JustGiving and set up your page today.

Bonny a newly qualified Physiotherapist from Oxford Brookes University really enjoyed our PTC training

Jonty a young professional thinks our training is fantastic and applicable to people without a medical background

Cat an Oxford Quins player and Oxford Brookes paramedic student discussed with BBC News how vital Primary Trauma Care training is

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Primary Trauma Care Foundation are growing their student and volunteer team, why not join us!

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Primary Trauma Care (PTC) training is accredited by Edinburgh University and will be available for your continuing professional development (CPD).

Our opportunities are not only for medical students, student nurses, physiotherapist, and paramedics. We have many new volunteers with an interest in humanitarian aid and support, working alongside us.

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