Michelle White

Location: Mercy Ships

Dr Michelle White is a Paediatric Anesthesiologist originally from the UK. In January 2012 she resigned her Consultant post in England and joined the international charity Mercy Ships full time. Mercy Ships operates the worlds largest non-governemental hospital ship and performs free surgeries and delivers free training courses and mentoring projects in Africa. Dr White is currently the Deputy Chief Medical Officer and Medical Capacity Building Director for Mercy Ships. She first became involved in PTC back in the 2000’s completing an instructor course in Oxford, but took until 2013 to become involved again. She has co-ordinated PTC courses in partnership with Mercy Ships in Republic of Congo and in Madagascar.

Dr White has also co-authored the SAFE Paediatric Anaesthesia Course – an initiative of the the Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland and the World Federation of Societies of Anesthesiology. Her research interests include surgical global health and capacity building. And in particular the implementation of the WHO Surgical Safety Checklist and Lifebox pulse oximetry.

Gold Honour

This award recognises that the individual has organised at least 4 PTC Course cascades and has trained at least 10 instructors.

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