Lucy Obolensky

PTCF Ambassador


An Associate Professor of Global Health + Remote Medicine at Plymouth University, CEO of Endeavour Medical, a company that delivers training in remote medicine, leadership, and global health. Lucy also balances clinical work in Emergency Medicine and General Practice with her academic role. With over 15 years’ experience in Global Health, she has travelled extensively setting up healthcare partnerships and public health programmes and as an expedition doctor has completed over 20 expeditions to date including polar, altitude, desert and jungle.

Lucy is the senior medical advisor for British Exploring Society and also teaches advanced medical skills to explorers and expedition leaders at the Royal Geographical Society and the BBC and has worked with Sir David Attenborough on the Planet Earth and Blue Planet II series and more recently worked with Sir David on the Our Planet series.

Lucy also gives motivational lectures at a variety of medical schools, universities, and companies, combining her academic background with personal experience in the field.

As a PTC instructor Lucy is a dedicated supporter of our charity:

“PTC training is vital if we are going to continue to save lives in the remote parts of this world. I have seen the effects of PTC training; it saves thousands of lives. I am proud to be part of the PTC team.”

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