Lisa Hadfield-Law SRN MSc FAcadMEd FFSTEd (Hon)

PTCF Ambassador

Having spent 20 years in clinical practice and 20 years in surgical education, Lisa has been immersed in both cultures and is, therefore, in a unique position to provide educational support.  She has managed an orthopaedic/trauma service of a teaching hospital and has insight into the circumstances and challenges facing surgical teams. In that time, she has trained over 15,000 surgeons from 68 countries within Europe, North America, Latin America, and Asia Pacific. Lisa has 20 years of trauma nursing experience in the UK and abroad, has trained as a virtual teacher in 2016 and has an MSc in Higher Professional Education.

Here current positions are:

  • Education Advisor to the British Orthopaedic Association & AOUKI
  • Lead for Future Leaders Programme for the British Orthopaedic Association & Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh

Lisa also contributes to the T&O Special Advisory Committee & Intercollegiate Surgical Curriculum Programme Management Committee. She is also an Honorary Fellow of the Faculty of Surgical Trainers – the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and is on the Advisory Board to the Faculty of Surgical Trainers.

Her current focus is surgical cognitive simulation, virtual learning, and leadership for surgeons.

“I first got involved with PTC in Sri Lanka in 2006 and I can’t honestly think of an educational programme, anywhere in the world, which has had a greater return on investment of time, passion, and funding. The people driving this programme, those facilitating it, and even those just participating in it, squeeze the juice out of every single penny and every single second.”

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