We exist to save lives and prevent disabilities in Low and Middle Income Countries (LMICs). We teach front-line health workers how to deliver emergency medical care with only basic equipment. Each of these lifesavers is able to do so because someone donated to fund their place on a PTC course.

But that’s not all…

Whenever a course is run, attendees most suited to becoming instructors are identified. These people receive additional training and support in running PTC courses themselves.

And the lifesaving ripple effect, started by a single donation, continues to grow and touch the lives of many.

Why not start a lifesaving ripple of your own?

The Patient
"I am living proof that PTC saves lives! I am only here today because Dr. Sangani treated me after I was left fighting for my life when I was hit by a car on my way to a birthday party for my 2-year-old daughter."
The Doctor
"I was only able to treat Zahir's life-threatening injuries as I did because PTC taught me the skills to prevent death and disability with only the basic equipment I have to hand. I am grateful to Dr. Minhas from PTC who trained me."
Dr. Sangani
The Trainer
"I am Dr. Minhas, a PTC volunteer. I teach our courses because I believe that everyone with a serious injury deserves a chance to survive, even where equipment is scarce. I am only able to do this work because people like you have donated to the PTCF."
Dr. Minhas

7 Reasons to Donate for Life Saving Action


We address a leading health need for 5 billion people in the developing world: injury-related death and disability.


Our work already reaches more than 70 developing countries and, with investment, can be scaled up.


We stimulate wider developments in healthcare and injury prevention.


The effects are immediate and affordable.


Our model is self-sustaining even in remote areas.


We are highly respected worldwide and our training is endorsed by the WHO.


We do a lot with a little: thanks to our volunteers we keep costs down and manage to have extensive projects with a modest budget.

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