Tim Beacon

PTCF Ambassador

Tim has had an impressive and varied career, starting as an Operating Department Practitioner and subsequently an Assistant Training Co-ordinator for the NW Thames Health Authority. Tim has been a university healthcare lecturer, a civilian lecturer on the UK Special Forces Patrol Medical Course. He is a published author. He is CEO of the Medical Aid International group which includes Orthopaedics International and the MedAid Academy. Tim has directed many PTCF courses, so he knows how effective they are:

“The success of this pioneering programme is evidenced by its enormous global use, where it saves lives every day and enhances clinical practise, which directly benefits patients in the critical stages following a trauma event. But to me it is more than that. There are the other positives such as the way it brings people together, from all disciplines, both in their own facility but also from further afield, enabling relationships and teams to be built up and developed, it truly is a formidable, well thought out programme”

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