Roy Fenner

Location: China

Roy has retired from a very active career in Training and Human Resource Development mostly within the International Petroleum Industry

During his time as a Manager in The Petroleum Industry Training Board he was concerned with training standards and Management audits both in UK based small to medium organisations as well as the International major oil companies.

A very rewarding development arising from North Sea Oil and Gas exploration and the tragically high incidents of deaths and accidents during the start up phase was his work setting standards and training facilities for employees working in hazardous conditions offshore. These included drilling technology training facilities in Scotland and Safety and Survival centres on the East Coast of England and Scotland.

In 1989 as an independent consultant he was co-founder, owner and the CEO of the independent College of Petroleum and Energy Studies based in Oxford

Overseas oil executives attended weekly courses, 3-month diplomas and a range of Masters Degrees held in conjunction with 5 British Universities.  With this background he was invited by Doug Wilkinson to join PTC to assist with business planning and fundraising and was elected as Chairman by the Trustees at the Board Meeting held on 11th November 2010.

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