Dr Khamsay Detleuxay

Location: Lao, PDR

Dr. Khamsay Detleuxay MD

Location: Lao PDR

He is currently the Deputy Director of Mahosot Hospital in Vientiane and the President of Lao Society of Critical Care Medicine, Vice- President of Lao Society of Anesthesiologists and Secretary of the Lao Medical Board at the Ministry of Health.  He is also the Director of the University of Health Science Emergency Medicine Residency.

Dr. Khamsay Detleuxay graduated from the University of Health Sciences, in Vientiane, Lao PDR in 1995. Following graduation, he worked as the clinic doctor with the Theum-Hinboun Hydropower Project in Khammouane Province.  He received specialization degrees in Anesthesia, Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine in 2005.

He worked as a general practitioner and trainer with the University of Health Sciences in Vientiane from 2006 till 2019.  His previous job was Adult Intensive Care Unit at Mahosot Hospital.

PTC Foundation Work from 2018-2019

Dr. Khamsay is the Lao Director of the Primary Trauma Care Training Program in the Lao PDR and has led the effort with Health Leadership International, a US NGO, in conducting four 2-1-2 PTC trainings and has been the leader in a national roll-out of training two PTC providers in every District Hospital in the Lao PDR. He has organized training 34 Provincial Hospital PTC trainers and 17 Emergency Medicine resident PTC trainers. In 2019 he directed eight 2-day PTC training workshops that trained 243 rural healthcare providers, effectively completing the initial goal of PTC training of providers throughout Lao PDR.

Dr. Khamsay Detleuxay speaks Lao, Thai, English and French.


Gold Honour

This award recognises that the individual has organised at least 4 PTC Course cascades and has trained at least 10 instructors.

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