Alex Bangirana

Location: Uganda

Surname  Bangirana

First name  Alexander


Primary Leaving examinations            1979

O level examinations                              1984

A level                                                        1987

Makerere Medical School(Degree)    1987 to1994

Makerere Medical School(Masters Degree)        1999 to 2003

Attachment Trauma Fellowship Fukui University (Japan)   2006 to 2007


Intern doctor Mulago Hospital   1994 to 1995

Medical officer Mulago Hospital (Accident and emergency unit)   1996 to 1999

Resident orthopaedic surgery Makerere university   1999  to 2003

Medical officer Special Grade (Orthopeadic surgeon)    June 2003 to March 2014

Consultant Orthopeadic Surgeon   March 2014 to date


Head accident and emergency Mulago National Refferal Hospital  Oct 2012 to date

Cosecsa PTC country representative   2012 to date

Clinical Head Orthopaedic department    June 2008 to Oct 2012

Assistant secretary Uganda Orthopeadic Association 2006 to 2010

Secretary Uganda Orthopeadic Association   2010 to 2012

President elect Uganda Orthopeadic Association 2013/ 2014

President Uganda Orthopeadic Association  2014 /2015


Playing  Squash.

Watching international sports events.

Research and Publications

  1. Miyazaki T, Kokubo Y, Kobayashi S, Yayama T, Sato R, Uchida K, Bangirana A, Baba H: Ochronotic arthropathy requring bilateral hip and knee joint arthroplasty: case study. Jpn J Rheum Joint Surg 25(4): 489-496, 2007
  2. Sato R, Uchida K, Kobayashi S, Yayama T, Kokubo Y, Nakajima H, Takamura T, Bangirana A, Itoh H, Baba H: Ossification of the posterior longitudinal ligament of the cervical spine:histopathological findings around the calcification and ossification front. J Neurosurg Spine 7: 174-183, 2007
  3. Yayama T, Uchida K, Kobayashi S, Kokubo Y, Sato R, Nakajima H, Takamura T, Bangirana A, Itoh H, Baba H: Thoracic ossification of the human ligamentum flavum: histopathological and immunohistochemical findings around the ossified lesion. J Neurosurg Spine 7: 184-193, 2007
  4. Kokubo Y, Kobayashi S, Yayama T, Miyazaki T, Sato R, Uchida K, Bangirana A, Baba H: Bilateral massive new bone formation around the hip joint: a case report. Jpn J Rheum Joint Surg 26 (2): 117-124, 2007
  5. Kubota C, Kobayashi S, Miyazaki T, Kokubo Y, Yayama T, Uchida K, Sato R, Bangirana A, Baba H: Exceedingly large femoral condyle intraosseous ganglion cyst following high tibial osteotomy. J Orthop Sci 12 (6): 592-596, 2007
  6. Uchida K, Yayama T, Kobayashi S, Kubota C, Nakajima H, Bangirana A, Naiki H, Wada M, Baba H: Ganglioneuroma emanating from the C8 nerve root within the neuroforamen: a case which underwent intraneural selective tumor resection. Minim Invas Neurosurg 50: 350-354, 2007
  7. Yayama T, Kobayashi S, Sato R, Uchida K, Takamura T, Bangirana A, BabaH: Insidious progression of paraparaesis secondary to type III meningeal cyst: a study of six difficult cases. Spinal Cord 46(2): 159-161 2008
  8. Yayama T, Kobayashi S, Sato R, Kokubo Y, Nakajima H, Uchida K, Bangirana A, Itoh H, Baba H: Calcium crystal deposition in the ligamentum flavum of the lumbosacral spine: histopathological and immunohistochemical findings. Clin Rheumatol 27: 597-604, 2008

Gold Honour

This award recognises that the individual has organised at least 4 PTC Course cascades and has trained at least 10 instructors.

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