Take part

There are many ways you can participate in PTC programmes.

If you are a doctor – whether experienced or in training – you are welcome to add PTC to your essential skills by attending our courses.

In fact all health professionals are welcome, including nurses, paramedics and first responders in the emergency services. The courses are geared to your context and your local PTC committee will have more information about them. Increasingly we are considering courses for a wider range of people who are first on site in an emergency such as police, fire personnel, and taxi or bus drivers.  Click here for a list of forthcoming courses, or contact the Foundation in Oxford.

Already completed a PTC Course?

Have you already completed a PTC course? You may be interested in joining an expert local team to organise further courses and so extend the reach of PTC in your area.

And it doesn’t stop there. If you are an administrator, teacher, accountant, press officer …or an expert in many other organisational areas, you can volunteer some time which will make a huge difference to the effectiveness of this work. Your local PTC committee or regional representative will have more information, or click here to contact the Foundation in Oxford.

Where next?

You may also like to read more about PTC in your region, or find out more about what to expect when attending a PTC course.

If you are in a country where PTC is not yet running, have a look at ‘Introducing PTC to a country‘.  There is also more detail on how to organise a PTC course.